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  • Dustin Heeren
    Dustin Heeren
    02:49 24 Jul 17
    Excellent 5 star customer service. I would give them an easy 5 if it were not for the inconsistency with their inventory. However, I know that issue is partially out of their control. I am interested to see how things improve once they start harvesting their own bud.
    devina hummel
    devina hummel
    00:47 27 Aug 17
    I always have a great experience when I go here. Its very friendly and upbeat, also very helpful. Great selection.
    Seth Helton
    Seth Helton
    03:11 16 Oct 17
    Helpful knowledgeable, kind and really care for their customers always a welcome to cannabaska when you walk in the door.
    aric arndt
    aric arndt
    00:43 15 Sep 17
    Love the "deli style" service. There isn't a $22 minimum for a gram. You want cheap you got it. 😉
    Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott
    08:32 10 Sep 17
    I didn't like the way the product looked. One jar was full of shake, and the buds look dry in general. There wasn't a strain above 16%, and the concentrate they had was under 70% THC. All in all I was not happy with the visit, and one can do much better shopping around.
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521 W Tudor Rd Anchorage, AK 99503 United States



(907) 375-9333

Working Hours:
Mon-Sun: 9:00am - 12:00am

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I have to say that I’ve been to quite a few of the retailers. But I think Cannabaska is hands down the best. I love the fact they prepare every single order individually, depending on each patients needs. I would definitely recommend everyone check them out if you haven’t already. Thanks again to the awesome staff over at Cannabaska


Great experience all around! From the guy at the front door being very nice and informative to the product! It’s awesome to actually feel safe while making my purchase. Highly recommend


I love the staff and the product! Great service and atmosphere!



Cannabaska has made it easy & a lot more fun to find what I seek as far as an environment that is fun & friendly to go get my much needed satisfaction. So again- thank you Cannabaska!


Super friendly staff with cool hair and cool tattoos, just a fantastic place to be!

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