Our mission is to set the The Gold Standard” in the Alaskan Cannabis industry by providing one of the finest stores, products, and overall customer experiences anywhere.
Cannabaska is Alaska’s leading Retail Marijuana store located in beautiful downtown Anchorage, Ak. Attached to our retail store is our state of the art 10,000 sf cultivation. Our cultivation houses more than 100 different strains at any giving time. 


Cannabaska’s history starts with CEO Smadi Warden, a local from Anchorage. Smadi grew up to become one of the only woman Cannabis CEO in the United States.  Our in-house cultivation offers some of the best strains Alaska has to offer! With all of the Cannabaska staff involved in our operation, we are proud to be a family owned and operated business. Our facility offers premium organic Alaskan grown cannabis that is hand watered, hand trimmed and expertly cured!


Here at Cannabaska we train our staff in house to use their knowledge and passion for cannabis to make sure all who enter the store leave well informed and educated on all the products they purchase or wish to know about. Each visit to our retail store will have you confident and enlightened with all information about the products and accessories we sell.

Service Locations

At Cannabaska we are conveniently located at 521 w Tudor Rd Anchorage Alaska. Our store is just 5 min away from Ted Stevens airport, 10 min from downtown and just 15 min from Eagle River. We are proud to serve all of Alaska 21 and up.
We are proudly announcing a new store at 217 E 4 Ave, Anchorage, Alaska.


Due to our in-house cultivation, we have a wide variety of premium Alaskan grown products each with their own unique aromas and flavors. We are currently offering top-shelf flower, all bud pre-rolled joints, concentrates and edibles of all kinds. Along with that, we have an array of smoking accessories to fit your smoking needs.

Cannabaska currently accepts cash only, and does have an onsite ATM. We offer daily specials, loyalty rewards programs, and much more. Curious customers are more than welcome to call to 907-375-WEED regarding any questions about products or accessories, and they have plenty of parking at their 217 E 4 Ave, Anchorage, Alaska location.

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