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Cannabaska’s gold standard flower is now taken to another level with a premium hydroponics system. With this newly enhanced growing technique, the plants will be producing an even more flavorful and potent product. We are setting the Gold Standard for cannabis in Alaska by expertly curing and hand trimming all the flower that comes out of our grow facility so that we can better your experience with recreational cannabis.


We chose to use a hydroponic grow system to better perfect the end result of the product. When grown in hydroponic cultivation you have more control over the nutrients, the rate of growth, the amount yielded and the overall flavor of the flower after flushing and curing. Soil, while also a great way to cultivate cannabis, isn’t as easy to control due to the nutrients that naturally occur and it takes weeks longer to get to a harvest date due to the slower growing process and tedious work that come along with soil cultivation. Both have their pros and cons, and after personal experience, we decided that hydro was the way to go to give you the best product possible!